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Irene-Marie helped me focus my job search and clean up my resume so that I could finally find a job that paid well in my field. I’ve been at my new job for almost four months and have just received my first raise. Thank you so much for all of your help, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Britany R.

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Christina was very helpful with re-writing my resume she enhanced it in every way possible from color and vocabulary. I look forward to having her help me with other job related services and would strongly recommended her services to anyone looking to enhance their career

Dan K.

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If you need resume help you better contact Christina Mendez!!! Very efficient, professional, and a very fast turn around!

Janasa P.

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Overall loved the services offered, and they were for a great price!! Would definitely and WILL definitely recommend to others.

Mia D.

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Christina provides valuable insight that is sure to help your business grow. After just one meeting with her I’ve made many important changes in my process. Her consultations can truly help you develop both professionally and personally

Brie Hope

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she had been very helpful with my process of finding a job that I want. if you are trying to do the same I recommend contacting her!

Jevon K.

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Irene Marie consulting is definitely an up and coming business that I am proud to support. Christina did a great job of recognizing my goals as well as presenting them on paper through my resume. She was very speedy in crafting my new resume and was very professional. If you are looking to search for a new job or a new career she will definitely be of assistance. She is definitely the go to person if you are an “underdog” and need a fresh start, exposure, consulting, or resume constructing! Highly recommend.

Aleesah B.

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The professionalism and attention to details were phenomenal. In addition to the proposed ideas to assist in perfecting the brand/craft causes the visionary to become more ignited. With all the services provided, i have decided to purchase additional services outside of what was discussed in the meeting,

Donte M.